small Cherry mirror


A cute little mirror!

This little cherry rattan mirror will bring a touch of poetry to your wall decoration, while remaining in a minimalist style.

The sheet is made from cotton gauze.

This mirror goes very well with our little “nasturtium” flowers.

You can complete your fruit mural with our small apple mirror .

Dimensions: height 34 cm / width 22 cm

Materials: natural rattan, glass & cotton

Made in France ☼ These decorations are made without glue or varnish. The mirror is held by the weaving of the rattan. Deposited model.

height 34 cm / width 22 cm / diameter of each mirror 10 cm

Our products are handcrafted in the south of France, each product is unique, which is why there may be some slight variations from the dimensions given above.

This mirror hangs easily with a tip by suspending it from the top of its tail.

Remove dust using a damp cloth, without using household products.

Our products are shipped within 1 to 3 days (working days)
Delivery times: between 48h and 96h (excluding Sunday)
Carrier: post

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