our history

decorative objects made in France

Atelier Solelh is a decorative object workshop which was created at the beginning of 2020 in the south of France.

Solelh means “sun” in Occitan, and recalls the rays that rattan forms during its weaving, the dominant round shapes, the softness and the atmosphere of the south of France.

Exclusive designs

The Solelh workshop highlights the beauty of natural materials, creating objects in rattan and ceramic, combined with fabric details to create a poetic and full-fledged universe.

Soft creations, designed to be placed alone or with others, and thus compose your own universe.


We are committed to making objects with our hands, with quality materials, taking care in manufacturing and finishing.

In our workshop we cut, weave, shape and assemble raw materials such as rattan, stoneware, cotton or linen.

our engagements

Do not overproduce: objects are manufactured in small series or to order.

Favor natural materials: rattan, linen, cotton, stoneware, paper...

Do not use glue to assemble the different materials together: in order to create detachable objects at the end of their life, and allow each material to be recycled as it should.

Offer recyclable but also reusable packaging, which can be given a second life.

Create new objects made from our scraps.